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Isn't it obvious?

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My thoughts exactly.

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Oouuu hurrow. ;D Blaire-sempai at your service and I like butts. I'm an artist. I'm Asian. And I love rice.

I am a dude thank you very much. eve

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Personal Quote: "Once you start listening to people you lose your creativity." - Something I read on :iconnagami-cabasa:'s Fanfiction profile.

OC Relationship Meme RowanxEvan

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 28, 2014, 8:14 PM
Gallery l Tumblr l Webcomic l Gallery l Nuzlocke

1. Evan
2. Rowan

1)Pick 2-10 characters in a relationship
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)

1. First, who are you, your age and your species?

Evan: My name is Evan Wulf. I am a mercenary and Monsoon Army soldier. I also work for the Woodland Guard on occasion. In human time, I'm in my early 40's,  but some werewolves age very slowly so I appear to be in my early twenties. :)
Rowan: I am Rowan Rathbone and I own the Arranudo Library. I am merely a simple librarian, there is really nothing special about me.
Evan: *under his breath* Yeah right >.>
Rowan: Pardon?
Evan: Nothing.
Rowam: *hums* Anyways, I am 113, but since elves age exceptionally well, I appear to be in my late 20's early 30's. UuU

2. Now you've introduced yourself, who is your partner, their age, and their species.

Evan: Rowan is a librarian, but there's more to him than that, trust me. His ability to change emotions is near bipolar level and he carries a crept aura with him most of the time.
Rowan: Come now, darling, you make me sound so unapproachable.
Evan: *grunts* You can be.
Rowan: Not all the time though.
Evan: No, not all the time. Rowan is very friendly and is an excellent socialist. He's also very caring. *off to the side* Sometimes a little too caring though...
Rowan: *pretends like he didn't hear* Evan is wonderful! He has a big heart and is very loyal to those close to him. He won't hesitate to help someone in need and works his hardest. He can be shy though, but he does know how to take charge of a situation (if you know what I mean ;))
Evan: >:I

3. What makes your partner special to you?

Evan: To be honest, I've never liked anyone before as much as I do Rowan. He's so patient with me and cares so much. I would do anything to protect him. It scares me to know I might lose him. That's why he is special to me.

Rowan: I loved a woman before Evan, but she passed away and I moved on. When Evan entered my life it was like experiencing love for the first time all over again. He is so intriguing and there are so many layers to his being. Evan is the one I want to spend the rest of my days with. *to Evan* There is no need to worry because I won't be going anywhere.

Evan: But I might; death waits for no one.

Rowan: ...

4. Aw that's so sweet! So, have you ever been suspicious of your partner?

Evan: *alone with interviewer* I... I don't like to talk about it, but during the Alluvian Games, a strange man claimed to be in a relationship with Rowan and tried to kill me. Rowan denied having any current connections with him but... *back with Rowan* All the time. You never know what kind of stunt he's going to pull next, whether it be kissing, groping, or... other things.

Rowan: Only when he looks and acts like he has something to hide.

5. Lets move now...Have you used any pick-up lines with your partner? If yes, say which ones.

Evan: *cough* *blush*

Rowan: Pick up lines aren't really my style, but once in a while they could be fun.

6. So what's the most embarrassing moment you've shared with your partner?

Evan: Um... can thee only be one?

Rowan: Hey, meanie ;(

Evan: *laughs*

Rowan: For me it was that one time in the market when we both got a bit too PDA.

Evan: *groan* Oh yeah... I was feeling off that day and I have no idea what came over me. *puts head in hands*

Rowan: *chuckles and rubs back* Even for me, that was a little embarrassing.

7. Oh I see...So, do you believe in sex after marriage?

Evan: Er... *blush* The tribe I was raised in did not preach such things. In fact, sex was not a common subject with them. I do know that many couples from my tribe follow this so that they do not have any illegitimate children though.

Rowan: No, not really. I don't see why not. People make love for many different reasons, some being of ill intentions unfortunately, but as long as it's consensual and it's not hurting anybody, I think it's perfectly fine to have sex before marriage. Of course, it could be used as an excuse to get copious amounts of action after you've tied the knot. ;)

8. Interesting...Now do you have any sexual desires you would like to try with your partner? If yes, what is it?

Evan: *blushu blushu* Can we not...?

Rowan: Hmm... that's kind of personal, but if you really want to know then... I suppose I've fantasized about doing certain things on a nice plush rug in front of the fire on a winter's night.

Evan: *just a bit horrified* E-ever specific!

Rowan: I sure you've got some fantasies hiding away in that cute head of yours.

Evan: *blushes from mental images*

9. Okay, now what really turns you on?

Evan: Asdlfmskdnsndk DX Why are you asking these questions?!

Rowan: I quite enjoy when Evan takes the initiative. I'm not above being a little submissive. UvU Also, I can't answer fully for Evan, but I know he's love when I-

Evan: *grabs Rowan* No!

10. Enough with that. So may I ask, do you know what your partners weak-point is? Does he/she know yours?

Evan: Rowan fairs poorly in the cold. He also easily gets sick during the winter.

Rowan: Evan does not like crowds; although he does much better in them than when I first met him. His wounds also take a very long time to heal.

11. What if you caught your partner with another man/women? Would you instantly assume that he/she is cheating on you or would you consider them friends? What would happen?

Evan: Rowan has many friends and acquaintances.

Rowan: I'm actually not entirely certain of Evan's sexual it to be honest. He knows many people, male and female, so I don't worry too much. I will admit however, that I can get a bit envious.

12. Is there any fantasy you wished for between you and your partner? We don't mind hearing perverted answers.

Evan: *just to interviewer* I... wouldn't mind getting married. *smile*

Rowan: Any future with Evan by my side is good enough for me. See question 8 for perverted answer.

13. That's nice...So have you two had any fights between each other?

Evan: Nothing too serious... we had a bit of a falling out after the Alluvian Games, but it's over and done with.

Rowan: There are always little skirmishes and playful bantering; nothing serious.

14. Oh, I almost forgot to ask! How did you confess to your partner? Did he/she reject your feelings or accept them immediately?

Evan: Rowan's the one who confessed. He had been flirting with me for quite a while before that. I didn't know what I felt for him, but I did know I felt something.

Rowan: I was extremely happy that Evan had reciprocated my feelings (somewhat), but I was also scared that I was forcing him into a relationship that he did not want. I was careful and made sure he knew he could back out whenever he wanted.

Evan: I'm sure that offer has flown out the window by now. *snort*

Rowan: Obviously. I'm not letting you go anywhere.

15. How do you feel towards your partners family members? Do you even know them?

Evan: I know nothing about Rowan's biological family, but the one he has now (Fleur and Clove) feel just like family to me.

Rowan: Evan's tribe brother Toma is interesting. He was suspicious of me at first, but now we are on friendly terms. I haven't met the rest of Evan's adopted family.

16. Since we are on the topic of family, do you two wish to start a family together?

Evan: I'm not sure. To be honest, I've never though that far ahead because...

Rowan: *squeezes Evan's hand and smiles* We'll decide when the time comes. I could go either way.


Welp, have this meme I stole! I should be sleeping right now X'D


The Nuzlocke Carnival by ChocolateMilkLOL The Side Vault by ChocolateMilkLOL Run Away! by ChocolateMilkLOLRenaissance Man Milk by ChocolateMilkLOLRedrum: Page 7 by ChocolateMilkLOLKeep Me Waaaaarm by ChocolateMilkLOL

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